Laptop Financing – Can You Afford to Buy a New Laptop?

If you are looking to buy a new laptop, great! Laptops are easily becoming viewed as being indispensable as there are so many benefits to owning one. You can connect to the internet, keep in touch with friends and family that live far away, and organize all your important papers, just to name a few. Buying a laptop can be exciting as there are a variety of brands that offer a variety of features, so lucky for you there are many choices available to you as you begin to shop around for a new laptop.

So now that you have shopped around and found the right laptop it is now time to pay. Have you considered all your options? You can pay cash, if you have the cash on hand, or use a credit card to finance your laptop. The majority of people do choose to finance their laptop purchase as this allows for easy and affordable payments. Before choosing this method of payment, you should ask yourself the following questions that are meant to help you see whether or not you could qualify for laptop financing.

Are you 18 years of age or older?

Have you had a valid checking account for at least 6 months?

Have you worked at your current job for at least 6 months?

Do you have a monthly income of at least $1,800?

Your Credit Report/Score

Check your credit report for your credit score. Your credit score will help determine what type of financing you may qualify for. If you have a high credit score you are much more apt to get a finance deal on your laptop that will save you money. If you have a low credit score, laptop financing might cost you a little more in the long run.

How Do I Find Someone To Finance Me?

Many websites now offer laptop financing as this service is a highly requested one. Since laptops can range in price starting at about $400 with an average selling price of $1800 there are a variety of financing offers in which one will surely fit your financing needs.

How Much Will My Payments Be?

The price of your laptop will help determine how much your monthly payments will be. You can expect to pay a minimum of $20 a month but payments can reach upwards of $100 or more. Be sure to figure out what you can afford and then stay in that range.

Take Away Message

Figure out if laptop financing is suitable for you-by asking yourself the questions from above as well as how much you can afford to pay monthly.

Be sure to do your research so you will have the tools to make the best laptop financing deal possible.

Figure what your total purchase price is now and what it will be when you finance.

Getting Auto Financing – The Best Way to Buy a Car With Bad Credit

Bad credit auto loans are planned to help anyone get a car loan despite poor credit ratings. Auto financing for poor credit are not only for people with worse credit, but it can also help customers who are working, specially made employees or first time auto buyers. Bad credit auto loan comes into the picture when FICO score is below 640. However, you need to make sure that the auto finance companies offer variable interest rates on the auto finance, and you cannot just get affordable vehicle financing just by filling the bad credit loan application. In the backdrop, you have to do your homework in detail so that your loan application is approved. In addition, there are number of auto finance companies and lenders available on Internet, which you need to check and find whether the auto loan lender is offering the best loan interest rates. Are the loan rates offered really the best, or they are just meant to entice you to go for the vehicle loans? Make it a point.

With online auto loan facilities available to average auto loan borrower, things have changed massively in the auto loan market. The borrower can compare the interest rates offered on the loans by the auto financing lenders, and this will help him/her to go for the auto loan of his/her choice, which will quite obviously be the best auto financing options. If you are planning to hire a tote the note dealer for low interest car loan, you need to keep in mind that it will not solve your credit situation because the dealer will not notify about your loan payments to the credit bureaus.

Get prepared avail low interest auto financing from the genuine car dealers and have peace of mind. Make a choice from the network of online dealers that offer low interest car loan to the loan borrowers who have poor credit and their loan application has been declined. The trick that works out here is that the borrower should choose the best auto dealership financier, and not just any one from the crowd.

The bad credit car loan financing will become realty for a borrower only if he or she gets acquainted to the car loan lender who is adepts in all aspects of bad credit loans. The lender should hold the experience in the bad credit auto financing. For the borrower who is otherwise eagerly wanting to drive home in his/her new car, the responsibility lies in choosing the car loan that is offered at low interest rates and that too without undergoing through hassles.

Again, you should not go for buy here pay here financing or what is known as in-house financing. It is because the inventory or vehicles that are listed with these auto finance dealers are old and, many of them are high-mileage cars. Nowadays car loans are available at attractive interest rates and you can get pre-approved to avail these auto loans from online auto financing. All you need is to fill up bad credit auto loan application and submit form for the quick approval process.

Staying Afloat Via Cash Flow Financing – Cash Flow for Business Solutions

So we’re all in agreement, right? Staying afloat is better than sinking… and talking to clients seeking cash flow for business seems to be mostly what we are doing these days. Cash flow financing for your business, whether you like it or not is at the top of the ‘ worry pile’ for Canadian business owners these days.

We’ll discuss the problem, how you measure the problem, and, most importantly, some great solutions both traditional and alternative. And by the way, alternative is fast becoming traditional, but more about that later!

In talking to clients about business financing and business cash flow we always get the distinct impression they feel their business is unique – and that may be so but the truth of the matter is that the cash flow financing challenges you face are being faced by everyone else in and out of your industry.

As a business owner you can be forgiven for thinking your business cash flow financing challenges are unique, probably because of the mix. What do we mean by the mix? Simply that each h company and industry has difference levels of inventory, receivables, payables, all of which factor uniquely into the working capital challenge.

In fact, whether you like it or not, about 80%, yes 80% of all you assets are in receivables, inventory, and to some extent prepaid.

Your ability to ‘ turnover’ these assets is what makes your business successful, or not.

Each industry has different gross margins, and if you have great gross margins then you can withstand a bit less turnover that is required in inventory and receivables. If you are in a low gross margin business turnover is absolutely critical. And you measure that turnover by three key metrics, inventory turns, days sales outstanding or collection turnover, and finally days payable outstanding.

Turnover drives working capital and many business owners kind of know that, but more often than not aren’t focusing on improving that turnover.

So, lets get back to staying afloat, which is what its all about!There are a number of cash flow financing solutions that allow you to address cash flow financing for your business. If it was a perfect world you would have all the liquidity you need from you bank, but bank financing is always a challenge for business, and in many cases inventory is not part of the financing mix that is available.

There are at least 5 great cash flow for business solutions available to help you succeed in Canadian business financing. These include the selling of your receivables, which can be done confidentially, and thereby generating instant cash flow for your company. For firms with 250k+ in assets and receivables you are in a position to be a candidate for a fully margined A/R and inventory working capital facility, available through a non bank solution. Larger firms with significant investments in working capital (receivables and inventory) are eligible for asset based lending which is in our opinion the ultimate Canadian working capital solution.

Most business owners don’t know they can access cash flow financing via the financing of Purchase Orders (p o’ s) and contracts. They allow you to consider orders significantly higher than you could have ever handled in the past. And, finally firms with relatively good financial standing can access unsecured cash flow working capital term loans via non bank lenders.

So whats it all about. We think we have been fairly clear, and hope you agree. It’s about understanding your cash flow financing challenges, measuring them via the turnover of working capital accounts, and finally, accessing any one of the five, yes 5! solutions we have provided.

Used Car Auto Financing – You Can Get Financing For A Car After Bankruptcy!

Before I share with you how almost anyone can get used car auto financing after a bankruptcy…I want you to know that bankruptcy isn’t as severe and devastating as it used to be in the past.

You are not branded for life with a big “BK” on your forehead for the rest of your life! It’s important to understand that you can rebuild your credit after a bankruptcy and it is not the end of the world for you. Don’t allow your emotions and ego (that little voice in your head) try to convince you that you are a loser and will never get financed again for a car or anything else.

Let any fear fade away now.

The more you read, the more you’ll forget all about your bankruptcy and not being able to get financed. I am here to share some great news with you! You can get financed for a used vehicle; the key is knowing where to look and what to do and not do! People just like you are getting financed everyday for a car and rebuilding their credit rating.

It is true that the word “bankruptcy” and all its negative connotations can leave a god-awful taste in your mouth and in your heart, but it doesn’t have to stay there! And it is a well-known fact that bankruptcy sticks like glue for years to come, leaving your record attached to you as successfully as that super-glue will hold together your grandmother’s teacup!

Don’t let that discourage you!

Where it is true that your bankruptcy will legally be on your credit score for 10 years, you can begin rebuilding your credit immediately after you have been discharged! Rebuilding your credit will increase the FICA score quicker by responsibly using credit with your used car auto financing.

You are about to discover how to begin rebuilding your credit. In order to increase your FICA score, you will need to use credit to rebuild credit! Kinda crazy, I know!

Here are a few tips to help you get a loan on your car even if your bankruptcy hasn’t been closed!

Always, and I mean always, be up-front with your credit situation after a bankruptcy! Tell the auto dealer before any of the negotiations begin. Heck, they are going to find out anyway and you might as well save everyone, especially yourself the time and embarrassment!

When financing your used auto loan there are three choices. I have listed them in the best to last order.

Bank (not a finance company).
Credit Union.
Sub-Prime Finance Company

Often your local bank can offer you the best finance rates.

It is important to know that with Credit Unions, you want to ask them if they report to all 3 credit bureaus to assure that the progress you make with your car payments are recorded to your benefit! This will aid in your FICA score climbing in the upward direction you are looking for!

Did you know that many car dealers use the word “bank” to refer to any of the lenders they use, so use caution as to who will really be financing your used vehicle. Sub-Prime finance companies should only be used as a last-ditch effort in finding your next used car auto financing. These typically carry the highest APR rates. In some cases this may be the only way for you to begin rebuilding your credit. Just be aware of what you are getting into before signing on the dotted line.

But the important thing in getting a loan for your used car is knowing that it can be done after bankruptcy, and sometimes even before it is discharged. Yes, it takes some homework and effort on your part, but your effort and paying on time can reap huge benefits in rebuilding your credit quicker than you ever imagined!

If you would like to bedazzle your friends and family, and lead the way into a little known world that is revolutionizing the car industry, check out this free report that can help you win at the car buying game.

Not only is it possible to get financed after a bankruptcy you can save yourself the one item in life you cannot get back – TIME! In addition to that, save yourself some pretty green ($) in financial savings!

Would you like to have a pleasant, surprising experience getting your next car? Then get your free report now…

Obviously, like everyone else, you would always like to get the best deal and financing on your next vehicle. Especially with no stress and no hassle! Mike Reitz, the Colorado Auto Specialist, invites you to get your FREE report, “The New Era Of A Car Salesman” and discover how to win at the car buying game every time!

Why The Canada Film Tax Credit Program Is Critical To Your Film Financing

How could a government tax credit incentive possibly be ‘critical’ to your success in film financing? The answer is very simple: The Canada film tax credit program is usually the last piece of your financing, and we see many cases where it allows the other components of your project, i.e. equity, debt and ‘gap’ to come together in a final fashion.

And that of course allows you press the button on ‘ ready, action, camera, shoot ‘ which is what your project is all about. And to be clear, we’re talking about the three genres of entertainment – film / movies, television, and animation. Animation credits, somewhat unheard of years ago, are quickly gaining traction in the industry as people flock to this type of entertainment. Think Shrek!

Tax incentives in Canada give film investors the ability to complete financing successfully. Pick a number, any number… we’ll pick one for you – 30 – 40%! That is a typical amount you can expect to receive on a production tax credit in Canada. The actual final exact amount depends on the provincial geography you are shooting or producing in – as each province has adopted separate schedules of reimbursement.

These tax film financing incentives have once again brought producers and owners of project back to Canada. While in the past a major decision around Canadian content seemed to revolve around the lower priced Canadian dollar the Canadian ‘ loonie ‘ (that’s what we call a dollar up here!) is touching parity as we head into 2011- so the whole forex issue is no longer the driver – but Canada film tax credits are.

If you are not a major movie studio the film financing incentive provided to the industry by the production services tax credit has become one of the most important tools in your financing plan for your project.

The Canadian tax credits stimulate of course revenues that are generated from the industry as a whole.

Let’s recap some basics, so you can fast track and simplify your film financing project. It all about ‘ qualifying ‘ – you either do or you don’t. And if you qualify, you get your funding via a non repayable tax credit. The power of the tax credit increases significantly when you monetize or cash flow or finance (they all mean the same thing!) your tax incentive credit. These credits can be financed when your project is completed, returning cash flow to the owners, or, as importantly, they can be used as a financing strategy to generate cash flow as you film or produce your project and funds are expended.

What qualifies in your project surprises most of our clients on the upside! Including many of the costs of a project you may be surprised on.

We love the expression that the word ‘ Team ‘ is an acronym for ‘ together everyone achieves more”. Your team in film fax credit finance and film financing is critical, so aligning yourself with a Canadian tax credit business financing advisor, as well as a qualified entertainment accountant will only do two things – ensure you qualify, and maximize your credits.